Be Blind, F.R.OG

Wow…hello friends, family, readers…
I’s been a while. July 2011 to exact.
As some of you know it was a really hectic year for me with a lot of ups and downs, getting involved in/with different projects and losing my job but getting an even better one, not even one month later.

It was also a pretty unfortunately un-inspiring writing time for me, but God is good and today while on my way to work i was truly and deeply inspired.

While on my way to work today, I took the Subway and on the Subway came a blind lady with a seeing eye dog. I asked her if she would like to sit down, to which she replied no thank you. I let her know that the bar was right beside her and if she would like to hold on to it, to ensure she does not fall when the Subway lurches I would help direct her hand, again to which she replied no thank you she was okay, and would be getting off at the next stop.

I said okay and went about my business. It turned out we were both getting off at the same stop and I got off the Subway with her. She used the word Subway to her dog and I watched in amazement as her dog promptly, and safely led her up the escalator and watched in even more amazement was how she wholeheartedly seemed to have her faith, trust and peace in her dog and trusting her dog to get her to where she needed to go safely.

As I was following up the escalator, it hit me that as a Christian I should be so blind in my spiritual journey with Christ, that I am solely, fully, and blindly trusting in him to guide and direct my path. If this blind lady could place her full trust in her seeing eye dog, how much more me my God who is the creator of all things, who goes before me, is behind me, and walks beside me.

God opened my spiritual eyes and right then and there I said a prayer asking him to make me blind in my spiritual life that I may see him as my ultimate guide, strength and eyes wherever I go. That I would learn to put my complete and utter trust in him, no matter what.

I hope this blog post touches you, as much as it touched me to get the relevation.
Be encouraged and walk blindly in faith, in love and in God.

Living soulfully, beautifully and naturally
Eve Past-Exotic


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  1. Yes, your post does touch me as much as it touched you. What a great observation and life lesson.

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